Press Archive 2003

12/19/03 | Wincor Nixdorf continues on course of sustainable growth

Under difficult economic conditions, Wincor Nixdorf was able to continue its course of sustainable growth.

12/12/03 | Wincor Nixdorf looks back at a successful piece of history: the 25th Anniversary of the ATM

It was exactly 25 years ago that the first automated teller machine left the Paderborn factory of what was then Nixdorf Computer AG, on its way to be installed at the main branch of Cologne District Savings Bank on the city's "Neumarkt" square.

11/26/03 | Shoppers using the Personal Shopping Assistant buy more and are more satisfied

Six months after opening the Extra Future Store, Metro Group has published the results of a customer questionnaire conducted by Boston Consulting Group.

11/6/03 | Wincor Nixdorf wins the Frost & Sullivan Leadership Award

The international management consultancy Frost & Sullivan has presented In their citation, the jury said that Wincor Nixdorf is the clear leader of the European Multimedia Kiosk market not only in terms of units and revenues...

10/31/03 | Wincor Nixdorf receives award for "Best ATM Security Technology"

Wincor Nixdorf has been awarded the "Best ATM Security Technology" prize at this year's ATM Security Conference in London.

10/29/03 | Saxony's LOTTO operator to take bets on Wincor Nixdorf terminals

Wincor Nixdorf is to equip "LOTTO-TOTO" outlets in the German province of Saxony with 1,480 Xion /Mtop lottery terminals.

10/27/03 | New version optimizes entire cash management process

At EBIF, Wincor Nixdorf is presenting a new version of its solution for effective, rationalized management of the cash cycle within banks.

10/27/03 | SST-based loan proposals speed up credit process and reduce costs

At the European Banking & Insurance Fair, Wincor Nixdorf is showing an end-to-end solution with a self-service-assisted loans process which accelerates the advisory and authorization procedure, thereby reducing cost considerably.

10/27/03 | Large ATM withdrawals after hours too... thanks to call-center-assisted cash dispensing

In future, banking customers will also be able to withdraw larger cash sums than permitted "as standard" on ATMs outside branch opening hours, and in the required denominations too.

10/27/03 | Efficient convergence of banking sales channels

At this year's EBIF, Wincor Nixdorf is showing how additional sales channels based on the international, manufacturer-independent J2EE standard (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) and the ProClassic/Enterprise (PC/E) self-service solution can be combined.

10/22/03 | Wincor Nixdorf SST-Agent integrates self-service equipment with IT enterprise management systems

With SST-Agent (Self Service Terminal Agent), Wincor Nixdorf is offering a software package enabling self-service systems to be integrated with IT enterprise management systems.

10/15/03 | Wincor Nixdorf signs new repairs collaboration with new partner CRC

Wincor Nixdorf is continuing to expand the international partnering strategy in its service business and is now to collaborate on repairs with the UK's CRC Group.

10/7/03 | J/Vend: Software for addressing self service terminals peripherals in postal service environments

Wincor Nixdorf is presenting J/Vend, a standardized software platform for addressing peripherals in self-service terminals within postal service environments and when used as vending machines.

10/7/03 | ProCash 1500: Cash and stamp dispensing - all in one system

Wincor Nixdorf is introducing the ProCash 1500 automated teller machine with built-in stamp vending modules, a compact web-enabled system specially designed for interior use.

10/7/03 | ProCash/FOnet and cash recycling systems help with assisted self-service in post office branches

Wincor Nixdorf is showing at Postexpo 2003 how the software solution ProCash/FOnet (Front Office Network) can be used to integrate the ProCash 3100 cash recycling system fully with staff-assisted cash transactions.

9/26/03 | Wincor Nixdorf Hungary expands its offering of self-service solution to banks

Wincor Nixdorf Hungary is adding retail banking self-service and automation solutions to its offering, which has hitherto been limited to IT solutions for the retail trade.

9/23/03 | Wincor-Nixdorf to offer Newvision's Stamp Terminals

In cooperation with Newvision, Wincor Nixdorf is to distribute Stamp Terminals in selected countries.

9/23/03 | Decide faster with CMplus

Wincor Nixdorf is presenting its web-based category management solution CMplus at the 4th ECR Conference "DACH" in Vienna.

9/17/03 | 38 apprentices to start training at Wincor Nixdorf

38 young people started their vocational training at Wincor Nixdorf in September.

9/9/03 | Eesti Loto comes down in favor of Wincor Nixdorf lottery terminals

Tallinn-based AS Eesti Loto is to install 330 Wincor Nixdorf XION /M lottery terminals in its lottery sales outlets in Estonia by the end of the year.

9/5/03 | Wincor Nixdorf takes over the business of Prokent AG, specialists in reverse vending systems

With immediate effect Wincor Nixdorf, a leading vendor of IT solutions for banks and retail companies that is headquartered in Paderborn, Germany, is taking over the business and roughly 80 employees of Prokent AG...

8/5/03 | Wincor Nixdorf equips SuperGB store in Belgium with electronic shelf labels

Wincor Nixdorf has equipped the SuperGB store in the Belgian town of Belgrade with 17,000 electronic shelf labels (ESL's) from its French partner, SES.

8/5/03 | PSC and Wincor Nixdorf Formalize Global Strategic Alliance

PSC Inc. and Wincor Nixdorf announced today that the companies are renewing their longstanding strategic alliance, which is strongly focused on PSC's new Magellan scanner product line.

7/30/03 | Wincor Nixdorf combines kiosk and lottery terminals for Bulgarian service station operator Petrol AG

From January 2004, customers will also be able to play the lottery on Wincor Nixdorf kiosk systems at 300 Petrol AG service stations in Bulgaria.

7/9/03 | Trading Post roll-out launched for Metro Cash & Carry in Bilbao, Spain

Wincor Nixdorf has launched the international Trading Post roll-out in Metro Cash & Carry with the installation of the point-of-sale software in the store in Bilbao, Spain, with runs under the "Makro Cash & Carry" format.

6/27/03 | Award-winning products from Wincor Nixdorf

The North-Rhine-Westphalia "Design Zentrum" has awarded Wincor Nixdorf transaction terminals and kiosk systems its "reddot design award".

6/25/03 | China Postal Savings Henan to expand self-service network using Wincor Nixdorf

China Postal Savings Henan (CPS) is to expand its self-service network using automated teller machines from Wincor Nixdorf, having already installed 30 Wincor Nixdorf units last year.

6/21/03 | Lower Saxony now also set to bet using Wincor Nixdorf lottery systems

Wincor Nixdorf is to act as prime contractor to equip all 2,900 Toto-Lotto Niedersachsen GmbH lottery ticket outlets with new Xion /M lottery terminals, with multimedia information systems also to be installed.

6/10/03 | China Minsheng Bank expands Its self-service network with Wincor Nixdorf

China Minsheng Bank, China's leading private bank with 16 main branches and 145 sub-branches, has ordered 400 self-service systems from Wincor Nixdorf.

5/26/03 | ProCash xe: Wincor Nixdorf's new family of ATMs

The new automated teller machines to join the ProCash family of products offer increased levels of availability and performance.

5/7/03 | Wincor Nixdorf is first manufacturer to be given Bundesbank approval for its cash recycling system

Wincor Nixdorf has now become the first manufacturer to have its system - the ProCash 3100 - approved by the German central bank, the "Bundesbank".

5/6/03 | Checking creates confidence

Each year, retailers suffer sizeable economic losses from inventory discrepancies, regularly amounting to around 1% of sales.

5/6/03 | Store Vision Becomes Reality

Wincor Nixdorf has brought together leading-edge IT applications for branch retailers in its Store Vision concept.

5/6/03 | Shelf Displays as Pro-Active Sales Aids

On-screen advertising spots and product promotions have been shown to have greater attention paid to them than printed posters.

5/6/03 | Hungarian Oil Company Counts on Wincor Nixdorf

MOL Group, the leading Oil and Gas company in Central Europe, based in Hungary, has ordered a new Retail Information System from Wincor Nixdorf which includes point-of-sale (POS), back-office (BOS) and head-office (HOS)...

4/28/03 | High-tech paves the way for retailers of tomorrow

Next-generation information technology for the retailing industry is the centerpiece of the "Extra Future Store" in Rheinberg, Germany, an initiative of the largest German retail company the Metro Group, Düsseldorf.

3/12/03 | Wincor Nixdorf presents new interior cash deposit machine

Wincor Nixdorf presents the ProCash 3000, a new monofunction cash deposit system for interior use.

3/12/03 | Modular enhancement to automated teller machines adding check & cash deposit functionality

Wincor Nixdorf is moving all check processing across to the ATM and is offering a Check & Cash Deposit Module (CCDM) for its ProCash 2100, ProCash 2150 and ProCash 3100 systems, upgrading them with cash and/or check deposit functionality.

3/12/03 | Banking at the POS: Easy in-store cash dispensing for a new concept in "Retail" banking

Wincor Nixdorf is presenting its new "Banking at the POS" model, a collaboration concept between banks and retailers making it easy to obtain their cash supplies directly from store customers.

3/12/03 | Wincor Nixdorf handling set-up and operation of off-premises network for Bank of Ireland

Wincor Nixdorf is to set up and run a modern off-premises network of automated teller machines for the Bank of Ireland over the next five years.

3/12/03 | Higher sales through intelligent shelf promotions

Wincor Nixdorf of Paderborn, Germany, and Weinheim-based Online Software GmbH are jointly introducing a powerful promotion solution for use right on the shelf.

3/12/03 | Higher sales through shop-in-shop concepts using promotional displays

Wincor Nixdorf and their Dutch partner Qbix are presenting a concept at CeBIT allowing retailers to extend their existing offering without adding to inventories, enabling them to make higher sales from existing floorspace.

1/31/03 | Wincor World 2003: over 7,000 visitors attracted to Paderborn

Huge numbers of visitors descended on Wincor World 2003 which was held at the Welle Exhibition Center in Paderborn between January 28 and 30.

1/28/03 | Creating a common standard for cashless payment solutions

Wincor Nixdorf is presenting its Open Payment Initiative (OPI) together with leading providers of terminal-based payment solutions at Wincor World.

1/28/03 | Biometric Authorization Solution ProTect/Work: Security for teller desk workstations also

With immediate effect, Wincor Nixdorf is also offering its ProTect/Work biometric authorization solution to help protect teller desk workstations.

1/28/03 | Networking of back-office and returns system enables clearing & returns of non-refillables

prokent AG, the manufacturer of empty-packaging returns system, based in the German province of Thuringia, and Wincor Nixdorf, the leading manufacturer of IT solutions to retailers, are to collaborate in the development, sales, marketing...

1/28/03 | Store Vision: Setting its Sights on the Future of Retailing

With Store Vision, Wincor Nixdorf is presenting a product and solution concept for retailers designed to stand the test of time.

1/28/03 | Certo kiosk terminal: New solutions package addresses users specifically

Wincor Nixdorf is offering a new package of solutions for its CERTO kiosk terminal directing customers' attention to products and information in a targeted manner.

1/28/03 | Wincor Nixdorf protects bank customers from card manipulation at the ATM

At Wincor World 2003, Wincor Nixdorf is showing an automated teller machine offering effective protection against ATM manipulation by devices fitted to the card reader.

1/28/03 | HVB to deploy ProClassic/Enterprise for network-centric control of its self-service systems

As part of the collaboration, HVB will in the initial phase, deploy around 950 automated teller machines and all newly-introduced self-service deposit machines (cash recycling systems) via ProClassic/Enterprise.

1/28/03 | BEETLE/iSCAN: Wincor Nixdorf develops self-checkout solutions for European market

Wincor Nixdorf is working with retailers to develop self-checkout solutions fine-tuned to meet the needs of the European market.

1/28/03 | Companies to Translate Shared Vision into Proactive Collaboration In Retail and Banking

Wincor Nixdorf and Microsoft today jointly announced a broad-reaching alliance to collaborate on product development, marketing and sales engagements.

1/28/03 | Wincor Nixdorf delivers its 25,000th account service terminal in Germany

Wincor Nixdorf is supplying 50 ProConsult 2000 bank transfer terminals to Düren Savings Bank, near Aachen, meaning it has now installed a total of 25,000 Wincor Nixdorf account service terminals in banks and building societies across Germany.

1/21/03 | ACI Worldwide and Wincor Nixdorf Partner to Advance IFX

ACI Worldwide (Nasdaq: TSAIE), a leading international provider of enterprise e-payment solutions, and Wincor Nixdorf, one of the leading providers of IT solutions and products for retailers and banks, have announced they will work together...