Retail Cash Management

Efficient cash handling with solutions by Wincor Nixdorf


Our concept is to offer the retail sector an end-to-end solution that manages and optimizes their cash streams – from inventorying to concept advice, through to installation and service during operations. The key task of cash management consulting is therefore to identify the core issues in retail, and to develop processes that are an optimal fit for their operations.
In order to find the most effective solution in each case, our work is divided into the following four steps:

  • Analysis of structures and processes. Together with the Cologne Retail Institute - formerly Eurohandelsinstitut - we have drawn up a catalog of detailed questions on current structures and processes, e.g. customers’ payment habits or organization at the point of sale. This gives an exact picture of the status quo in a company store (which should be typical).

  • Development of solution proposals. Parallel to this, the retailer’s intentions and objectives with regard to cash automation are discussed and specified. Together with the hard facts from the status quo analysis, these aspects form the basis for working on concrete solution scenarios.

  • Piloting in the store. Recommendations involve not only the POS hardware but also include redesign and optimization of the entire cash process in a store. They include return on investment calculations, which, due to the current situation analysis, already contain very detailed and realistic pay-back forecasts.

  • Decision on the project. With the experiences gained during piloting, possibly enhanced with a customer survey, the retailer has sufficient data and facts on which to take his investment decision. This is then specified, the project is planned in detail, and the rollout scope and schedule defined