Cash Cycle Management Solutions


Cash continues to be the leading payment method: nine of ten payment transactions around the globe are handled in cash. But cash handling is expensive. According to estimates by Wincor Nixdorf, cash transactions are the source worldwide of more than 300 billion dollars in costs every year, with Europe carrying a share of more than EUR 50 billion of this expense. A majority of these expenses fall to banks and retail businesses; the rest can be allocated to cash transport and processing by cash-in-transit companies (CiT), cash centers and the central bank.

In addition, for both retail businesses and retail banks, cash processing is labor-intensive and harbors a number of security risks in the form of internal and external manipulation and robberies at businesses or during CiT pickups.

Apart from the high workload, the associated costs and the potential security risks, the issue of transparency in the cash cycle is gaining significance. Where is my cash at the moment, how much will I need, and when and where will I need it? These are questions that often cannot be answered – or are only answered inadequately – in today's process chain, whose large number of interfaces and gateways all serve to increase the lack of transparency and represent potential sources of error.