High efficiency and high availability: Wincor Nixdorf presents innovative solutions for optimizing cash and check processes at BAI Innovations to combat cost and profit pressure: Wincor Nixdorf, one of the world’s leading providers of IT solutions and services for retail banks and retailers, will be presenting solutions for efficient processes at BAI. During the most important retail banking trade show in the US, Wincor Nixdorf will be focusing, among others, on the topics of optimized cash handling and automated check processing. Wincor Nixdorf's new CINEO system family, which comprises ATMs and automated teller safes, provides significant cost reductions, greater security and transparent cash handling. Thanks to the standardized, intelligent banknote storage concept, compatible cassettes that have been filled with cash in the automated teller safes at a bank branch's counters, for example, can be used for dispensing in an ATM. Wincor Nixdorf will be showcasing this revolutionary cassette exchange concept with the help of a CINEO C2070 ATM and a CINEO C6030 ATS. "The laborious manual counting of cash holdings is eliminated and many time-consuming cash handling steps are automated. What's more, the complexity of cash transport logistics is also reduced. Finally, the closed cash cycle minimizes the risk of manipulation, cash discrepancies and robberies, and that means more security for bank staff and customers," answers Alan Walsh, Executive Vice President of Banking, when asked to describe the solution's main benefits. Banks also benefit from significant savings potential and process improvements thanks to end-to-end check processing automation. Having installed more than 40,000 systems with a CCDM (Cash/Check Deposit Module), Wincor Nixdorf is the world market leader for ATMs featuring a check and banknote deposit function. At BAI, the company will present a system from its new CINEO generation to show how its solution for bulk check and banknote processing has been enhanced with regard to high availability and recognition reliability. Consumers also benefit from these continuous enhancements: "Wincor Nixdorf's systems process a mixed bundle of ten banknotes and ten checks in around 55 seconds and thus provide the best transaction times of all single slot solutions in the market," says Walsh.