Optimizing customer service and processes with IT solutions

Wincor Nixdorf underscores its position as the leading provider of solutions for retailing at EuroCIS

At EuroCIS 2012, Wincor Nixdorf will be showcasing internationally available retailing solutions that help enhance customers’ shopping experience, deploy staff more effectively and improve economic performance. Wincor Nixdorf also supports retailers’ expansion strategies with its global services portfolio.

Omni-channel: Software for all sales processes and channels.
Addressing consumers across all sales channels in a consistent and uniform manner is a key challenge facing retail companies. With its TP Application Suite, Wincor Nixdorf offers an extensive software solution portfolio, a standardized platform that supports all sales channels and processes in a wide range of different retail formats – from stationary retailing, outdoor sales to e-commerce and m-commerce. The mobile solution modules ensure ideal customer service and higher workforce productivity. There are also components for central management, control and monitoring of the entire store landscape with a clearly defined interface to SAP and other ERP solutions (enterprise resource planning). TPWorkforce also enhances the portfolio with a module for staff deployment and management. To cater for the trend toward serf-service in retailing, the TP Application Suite offers two hardware-independent modules: TPiSCAN supports all self-service checkout solutions, whereas TPiSHOP enables the deployment of mobile self-scanning solutions, either on devices provided by the retailer or the customer’s own smartphone.

The right checkout concept for different store formats.
Different store formats require different solutions. Wincor Nixdorf offers the Towerline, a modular solution platform that caters for a broad range of formats – large or small, or with cash or non-cash means of payment. For example, the POS Tower 50 is particularly space-saving and hence suited for small stores and even convenience stores. Or there are solutions like the 360 Scan Portal, which is especially suitable for highly frequented stores. The new 360 Scan Portal is already being tested successfully in practice at large retailers and will be presented to a broad public for the first time at this year’s EuroCIS. The fully automated POS solution reliably scans up to 60 items a minutes by their barcode using a 360-degree scanner system. With its 360 Scan Portal, Wincor Nixdorf sets a new standard for checkout efficiency and customer service: The checkout process is speeded up significantly, meaning customers have to wait less in lines and the store’s productivity is increased. For self-service at stores, Wincor Nixdorf is also presenting an extensive kiosk portfolio that meets the requirements of retailers in all store segments and an extremely wide range of application areas. “Our solutions not only enhance consumers’ shopping experience, but also relieve staff of unproductive work, thus allowing them to be deployed flexibly in other areas, such as customer service,” says Leyla Feghhi, who is responsible for international retail marketing at Wincor Nixdorf.

Security and efficiency with an automated cash process.
With its cash management solutions, Wincor Nixdorf optimizes cash handling in the cash office, in the checkout zone and at all other points in the cash logistics chain. As a result, cash drawers no longer have to be prepared manually in the cash office and daily takings no longer need to be counted manually since these processes are now fully automated. That not only saves time, but also means security for employees and cash holdings at the store. In order to optimize cash processes at the checkout zone and to offer retailers all the advantages of a closed cash cycle, Wincor Nixdorf integrates its CINEO solutions into traditional checkouts and self-checkouts alike. The result is an end-to-end process – from when cash is taken at the checkout to the cash-in-transit (CiT) operator. The TPCash software monitors the filling level of all cash recycling solutions and ensures that cash is available in the checkout zone as and when required.

Further development of the BEETLE POS portfolio.
Finally, Wincor Nixdorf will present extensions and further technology developments of its BEETLE POS system portfolio. The BEETLE /iPRINT is the first POS concept that is based on the latest energy-saving technology of the Intel Atom processor and is also a powerful, compact POS printer. In turn, the new BEETLE /X plus is designed to offer a long service life and low operating costs. The sealed, dust-proof and fanless system is extremely energy-efficient and has no moving parts, which minimizes servicing time and downtimes. The BEETLE /Express is a compact new all-in-one POS system, and the popular BEETLE /M-II plus now has state-of-the-art iCore processor technology and vPro certification.

Modular concept for reverse vending.
Wincor Nixdorf constantly strives to improve the functionality and user friendliness of its reverse vending solutions. One upshot is the new Revendo system, a modular platform-based concept in which just one uniform, high-quality module for detecting individual bottles is used in conjunction with the background system. As a result, many different customer requirements can be implemented quickly, flexibly and at optimal cost.

Managed Total Store supports the store lifecycle.
Wincor Nixdorf’s Managed Total Store solution accompanies retailers in their expansion projects and change processes, helping them manage all processes for opening new or modernizing existing stores and in day-to-day operation of their existing store IT infrastructure. That gives them greater flexibility and speed in implementing their expansion strategies, and reduces the workload on employees.

Wincor Nixdorf at EuroCIS 2012: Hall 9, Booth C25