Cash Cycle Counter/ Back Office


The daily revenues of the train/ bus conductor and counter staff can be deposited directly and secure without any manual cash counting process in the automated teller system CINEO C6020 for note and the iCash 15e module for coin handling in the back office area. The principle is the same as with the CINEO C4060 system including coin, the difference is the volume of cash that can be processed, which is higher for the C4060 system.

In connection with our more compact counter solution CINEO C6010 and iCash 15, the revenue from the counter can be deposited in the back office systems. During this process, a mobile and secure cassette is automatically filled with the cash from the CINEO C6010 system and the employee deposits the cassette in the docking station of the CINEO C6020 system in the back office. The cash amount is transferred to the system via Wincor Nixdorf TPCash software and booked automatically.
Of course, refilling the mobile cassette from the C6020 system is also possible and works vice versa. The cassette is afterwards inserted into the counter system again, where cash levels are refilled. Coins can be deposited in the iCash 15e system or withdrawn and used for refilling change at the counter. This way, a closed cash cycle between the counter and back office area is created.


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