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Attacks on the delivery channels and processes of banks have become a profitable business for criminals. In 2010, there were 10,497 skimming attacks in Europe, with the losses for banks amounting to hundreds of millions of euros. The damage resulting from attacks on ATMs in Germany amounted to €60 million last year, which is around €20 million more than in 2009. Physical attacks on cash systems, such as ram raids and ATM robberies, cost European banks another €33 million in 2010.

In addition to these active attacks, passive processes also generate risks: theft of sensitive data are just one example of such methods.

The last risk group involves hazards that are caused unintentionally, primarily as a result of errors made by bank staff themselves. However, it also includes environmental influences and natural catastrophes such as fires and flooding.

With the dangers becoming increasingly diverse and attacks ever more sophisticated, financial institutions have to face completely new challenges. Risks must be identified and proactively eliminated. In the case of new or unusual events or behavior patterns, security solutions must be able to trigger actions to prevent possible attacks.


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