Wincor Nixdorf presents cash dispenser for Off-Premises locations Wincor Nixdorf has weatherized its monofunction ProCash 1500xe automated teller machine to be fitted into an outdoor Point of Dispense (POD) unit. This POD is made of steel. With its secure housing it makes the ProCash 1500xe weatherized suitable for use as a cash service terminal in all weathers. The compact construction of its steel housing allows the machine to be topped up in a locked room, thus ensuring high standards of security. The modest physical dimensions of the weather-proof version of the ProCash 1500xe make it eminently suited to off-premises locations where space is at a premium and where there are high customer footcounts, such as railway stations and service stations. The system is already in use in the UK in combination with public telephones. Equipped with up to four cash cassettes, the system offers basic functions such as cash withdrawals and on-screen account balance enquiries. Functions such as printing of receipts and other vouchers, issuing and/or printing of tickets and credit vouchers, and multimedia components can be added as per customer requirements. The machine's user-friendly customer interface and optional visual-based operation on all input/output modules plus braille keys all go to ensure great ease of use. The ProCash 1500xe is easy to install and comes with a color LCD display as standard. There are a lot of benefits to providing customers with cash in off-premises locations. At heavily frequented third-party locations, the machines generates veritable revenue streams. Higher service levels at places customers are shopping makes them more likely to pay a convenience charge. As well as this income, direct contact with external partners such as retailers also offers banks the benefit of a whole new area of revenue: cross-selling - by using the displays to carry advertising.