Multichannel solutions – Banks


Nowadays, customers want to decide themselves what channel they use to communicate with their bank. And although the branch is the number 1 point of contact, they want a choice that matches their lifestyle, interests and affinity.
Today’s bank customers use financial services in a variety of different ways. When alternating between the self-service zone, their home PC and the front office, they expect consistently good quality and a uniform appearance. For a successful dialog with the customer, all delivery channels must be interlinked, and it is necessary to ensure uniform processes and a homogeneous look and feel. But how can functions be used in a process-oriented way across delivery channels? What banks need is a consistent multichannel strategy.

The various delivery, service and communications channels are the branch (in particular the front office and consulting zones), the Internet, the call center, mobile devices (such as the mobile phone, iPad, etc.) and, of course, the self-service zone.