Business Intelligence with SAP

Most companies today have a wealth of data at their disposal. A major challenge lies in making this data usable. SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence allows you to master this challenge.

Basis for valid business decisions

We can help you to integrate the data from the different source systems as well as adjust and consolidate it in order to create a solid data pool. In retail, for example, distributed data can be merged from the Point of Sale (POS) with central data from ERP systems such as SAP for Retail. Large data volumes can be searched according to specific criteria or aspects with the help of data mining functions, providing you with up-to-date key figures and information at all times in order to make valid business decisions.

Consistent enterprise planning

We support you in linking the planning integrated in SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence with the operative applications (e.g. ERP system, merchandise managements system). This allows you not only to reproduce individual plans but also complex, integrated enterprise planning systems: from strategy through to operative implementation.
The application options for integrative planning are many and varied. They range from pre-season or in-season planning for textile retailers to action planning for foodstuff retailers.

New dimensions in data visualisation

SAP BusinessObjects opens up a new world of data visualisation, providing you with enhanced support for your business decisions. Diagrams, interactive reports, what-if-when scenarios as well as interactive dashboards can be created reliably and securely and in a variety of formats and answers can even be found to ad-hoc questions. SAP BusinessObjects is the ideal complement to SAP BI.