Security solutions ProTect


ProTect is an all-in security concept for the proactive protection of banks’ sales channels and processes, which consists of consulting, hardware, software and services and comprises solutions from data and software security, cash security, surveillance, identification and access control.

The three-tier concept covers the entire risk management process and begins with analysis of potential risks, continues with a solution portfolio for minimizing risks, and offers service components for complete monitoring of branches and systems.

Security Solutions ProTect

In today’s threat situation, singular measures alone are no longer sufficient to protect devices from manipulation. What is needed are end-to-end security solutions. This means financial institutions are in great need of a new generation of security solutions that comprehensively integrate the three risk elements consisting of people, processes and technologies.
The Dynamic Fraud Management solution included in the ProTect portfolio makes this possible. By utilizing a financial institution's legacy systems, adding to them judiciously and connecting them in an intelligent way so as to combine the information available throughout the infrastructure, this end-to-end solution proactively delivers substantially greater security.
Here's just one example of this approach: by linking up the existing sensor systems of an ATM with an installed CCT unit that monitors access to the self-service zone, it is possible to create a logical connection between the opening of the door to the bank branch and an ATM transaction that is made – or not made – a certain time later. If, for instance, no transaction is recorded within two minutes of the door opening, staff at the security center are alerted. They can then view the live video footage and thus prevent a loss from skimming, cash trapping or the blowing up of the ATM.

With its ProTect portfolio, Wincor Nixdorf is thus able to provide maximum protection that keeps a financial institution's assets safe over the long term. Because, of course, all four assets that need protecting – the bank's image, people’s lives and health, cash and information, and investments – affect the financial situation if they are not looked after properly. Opt to benefit now from the optimized security that ProTect offers as the unique selling and differentiating feature for your bank’s success!


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