New functions make FDplus a full-function retail audit system

Wincor Nixdorf has added new functionality to its inventory discrepancy detection software and created a full-function audit system for retailers. The new version of FDplus supports external audit processes from planning and execution through to financial management reporting.

The main features of Version 2.0 were geared towards analysis of irregularities in POS and courier transactions and integration of audit-related heterogeneous data. The new version supports activity-planning for audit staff by analyzing the risk profiles of individual retail outlets and produces a league table of stores based on risk potential. Store visits are planned centrally and prepared by FDplus. The program e-mails an audit folder to the auditor before the visit containing, among other things, analyses of areas of weakness and recent anomalies, audit checklists to be used, and previous audit findings.

In addition to the planned tasks, FDplus checks continuously to see whether there are any irregularities in the outlets. If so, the system informs the auditor, produces a tasking notice and provides him with documents and analyses. This ensures that the audit department is able to respond flexibly to unplanned events.

In order also to support on-site operational activity in the best possible manner, Wincor Nixdorf und F.I.D. Software are providing an interface for transferring data between FDplus and Revos, F.I.D. Software's electronic checklist system for auditors. This enables the customer to make best possible use of both systems. FDplus transfers data and information to the auditor, and sends details of the tasking notice, including a pre-defined checklist, to Revos. Revos then provides the auditor with all further documents needed to carry out the audit and record the results. Once recorded on Revos, the on-site audit findings then flow back into FDplus, enabling the solution to suggest necessary measures such as the use of cameras.