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PC/E Mobile Transaction Services

Offer your customers an innovative service for cash transfers and cardless cash payments using a mobile phone.

PC/E Mobile Transaction Services

PC/E Mobile Transaction Services enable customers to activate the payment of defined amounts to themselves or third parties. The transaction can be initiated via a number of different delivery channels: self-service terminal, mobile telephone, Internet or front office.


In order to ensure safe payment to the recipient, our server-based solution operates with a two-code system. The two codes are transferred to the recipient via two different channels: one is automatically transmitted to the recipient's mobile phone, the other direct from the person transferring the amount. The recipients need neither a bank card nor a bank account: all they require is the two transaction codes and their mobile phone to withdraw the money from a self-service system - even abroad.

Use cases for the solution are practically infinite. They range from cash dispensing even when the customer’s card is lost, to funds transfers to people without bank accounts, and all the way to ticketing and couponing.


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