Volksbank Paderborn-Höxter-Detmold is a strong partner located near Wincor Nixdorf headquarters

Banking Systems and Availability Services

Volksbank Paderborn-Höxter-Detmold has taken advantage of its location near Wincor Nixdorf’s headquarters and added future-oriented self-service technology to its branches. By equipping its customer-friendly branches with the ATMs, Cash Recycling Systems, Self-Service Terminals and Automated Teller Safes made by Wincor Nixdorf, the bank is increasing customer satisfaction and profiting from the reduced costs created by the migration of services to the self-service level. Supplemental availability services ensure the highest level of system availability.

Volksbank Paderborn-Höxter-Detmold

Volksbank Paderborn-Höxter-Detmold – Largest cooperative bank in Ostwestfalen-Lippe

  • Headquarters: Paderborn
  • Assets: EUR 4.6 bn*
  • Employees: 850*
  • Locations: 87*
  • Systems: 243
  • Portfolio: HW, SW, Services


  • Planning, rollout and installation of the self-service technology on-site
  • Deployment of the following Wincor Nixdorf self-service product groups: Cash Recycling Systems, ATMs, ATMs with integrated account statement printers, account statement printers, Self-Service Terminals and Automated Teller Safes
  • Service management and rapid reaction times on-site within 4 hours

Why Wincor Nixdorf – Success and Benefits for
Volksbank Paderborn-Höxter-Detmold

  • Strong partnership thanks to the local proximity of both companies
  • Increased customer satisfaction thanks to future-oriented branch environment and self-service technology
  • Cost reduction through services provided with customer-operated Automatic Teller Safes or Self-Service Terminals
  • Implementation of UVV regulations for checkouts and elimination of cash contact by customer-operated ATMs
  • Increased availability of the systems thanks to efficient service processes

Source / Legend: * Website June 2015 / Hardware (HW), Software (SW), German Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV)


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