Wincor Nixdorf operates the full self-service infrastructure for Sparkasse Bamberg

ATM Systems, Software and ATM Management

Sparkasse Bamberg is the leading financial services provider in Bavaria’s administrative district of Bamberg. The bank uses hardware, software and services from Wincor Nixdorf. The handover of responsibility for the operation of the self-service systems relieves the bank’s staff of work and ensures that the self-service infrastructure enjoys very high availability.

Sparkasse Bamberg

Sparkasse Bamberg – Leading financial service provider of the county Bamberg

  • Headquarters: Bamberg
  • Assets: EUR 3.5 bn*
  • Employees: 864*
  • Locations: 46*
  • Systems: 161
  • Portfolio: HW, SW, Services


  • Take over of existing assets, upgrade and modernization including rollout of self-service systems
  • Availability Services with first line maintenance
  • Migration to the savings bank’s data center
  • Service operations of the total self-service infrastructure including ATM Monitoring
  • Monitoring and control of cash levels and resources

Why Wincor Nixdorf – Success and Benefits for Sparkasse Bamberg

  • Increased availability of self-service systems through high-class products of Wincor Nixdorf
  • Long-term budget security based on a better accounting model
  • Relief of employees thanks to Wincor Nixdorf’s takeover of full responsibility for service operations
  • Higher flexibility thanks to simpler upgrades of self-service systems tailored to market demands

Source / Legend: * Annual Report 2014 / Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Hardware (HW), Software (SW)


"The project and rollout of the self-service systems went very smoothly. The teamwork between Wincor Nixdorf employees and Sparkasse Bamberg was very good and constructive."

Bernd Zimmermann
Head of IT Organization, Sparkasse Bamberg

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