Halkbank expands its multifunction services offering with hardware, software and services from Wincor Nixdorf

ATM Systems, ProView and Availability Services

Halkbank, one of Turkey's leading banks, is implementing multifunction ATMs with cash deposit and coin modules from Wincor Nixdorf. In conjunction with the highest standards of security, multivendor software solutions and efficient service processes, the new functions enable Halkbank to increase the satisfaction and confidence of its customers.


Halkbank – One of the leading banks in Turkey

  • Headquarters: Istanbul
  • Total Assets: TRY 155.4 m*
  • Employees: 17,314*
  • Locations: 900
  • Systems: 3,500
  • Portfolio: HW, SW, Services


  • Deployment and installation of ATMs, thereof 840 multifunction ATMs with CCDM and coin module
  • Extending ATM security through the latest anti-skimming modules and anti-card-trapping functionalities
  • Implementation of self-service automation software including ProCash/NDC, ProCashIn/NDC, ProChip/EMV, ProView and 4,500 licenses of ProFlex/NDC in the entire self-service network
  • Support, maintenance and recovery services on-site

Why Wincor Nixdorf – Success and Benefits for Halkbank

  • Increased customer confidence as high-end security measures are taken with the latest security solutions
  • Higher customer satisfaction by the relief of routine tasks for the bank staff which can concentrate on consulting
  • Decrease in transaction costs with the shift from the teller to the self-service area for standard transactions
  • Gaining new customers by offering high-end transactions on state-of-the-art self-service systems
  • Increased availability thanks to proven service processes and efficient service delivery

Source / Legend: * Annual Report 2014 / Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Cash/Check Deposit Module (CCDM), Hardware (HW), Software (SW)


"Halkbank considers its ATM channel to be an important way of communicating with its customers. During an ATM transaction, Halkbank plans to pick up customer preferences on certain items, update vital customer communication data and offer financial products such as credit cards, consumer loans, automated bill payment services according to the customer profiles."

Ongen Akın
Head of Channel Management, Halkbank


Effectively Designed Processes
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