Wincor Nixdorf helps BANBAJIO take its ATM security to the next level

ATM Systems, Software, Availability Services

BANBAJIO, one of Mexico’s leading brands, is using Wincor Nixdorf solutions to create a secured self-service environment. Thanks to the migration of the systems to the latest operating system and Terminal Security software, the bank now offers optimal protection to customers.


BANBAJIO – One of the most valuable brands in Mexico

  • Headquarters: León
  • Assets: MXN 140 bn*
  • Employees: 4,000*
  • Locations: 290*
  • Systems: 324
  • Portfolio: HW, SW, Services


  • Delivery and implementation of 324 ProCash 1500
  • Implementation of ProCash NDC, ProBase and ProChip EMV
  • Security upgrade: Implementation of Wincor Nixdorf Terminal Security Access Protection and Intrusion Protection
  • Operating system migration from Windows XP to Windows 7

Why Wincor Nixdorf – Success and Benefits for BANBAJIO

  • Enhancing customer experience by delivering a secure transaction environment
  • Providing ATM protection against internal fraud and malware attacks thanks to Terminal Security
  • Securing customer cardholder data by using the multivendor software ProCash NDC, which delivers PCI PA-DSS

Source / Legend: * Website June 2015 / Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Europay International, MasterCard und VISA (EMV), Hardware (HW), National Data Center (NDC), Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), Payment Card Industry (PC), ProCash/Enterprise (PC/E), Software (SW)


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