Automatia broadens its scope of automated self-service solutions to coin and banknote deposits by cash recycling

CINEO Systems, Software and Availability Services

Automatia, the leading Finnish ATM network operator, implements cash recycling systems with integrated coin recycler modules from Wincor Nixdorf. With Wincor Nixdorf’s maintenance and recovery services, Automatia is now able both to offer improved customer service and to benefit from efficient processes thanks to cash recycling.


Automatia – Leading Finnish ATM network operator

  • Headquarters: Helsinki
  • Revenue: EUR 250 m*
  • Employees: 28*
  • Locations: 1,250
  • Systems: 550**
  • Portfolio: HW, SW, Services


  • Rollout and installation of 150 CINEO recycling systems integrating coin recycler modules
  • Integration of software including maintenance and further development
  • Deployment services for staging, installation and rollout management
  • Support, maintenance and recovery services including second line maintenance for up to 400 CINEO C4060 plus coin side-cars

Why Wincor Nixdorf – Success and Benefits for Automatia

  • Reducing effort involved in handling cash considerably both for banknotes and coins
  • Lower process costs thanks to cash recycling
  • Interest advantage to customers due to immediate crediting of the deposited notes and coins
  • Increased availability for customers through extended service hours
  • Better customer service due to shorter queuing times

Source / Legend: * Website 2013 ** Wincor Systems / Hardware (HW), Software (SW)


"The technology is mature, and cash recycling also offers benefits when it comes to total cost of ownership."

Jyri Marviala
Head of Development, Automatia