Products from former Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG

At the beginning of the year 2000, the Siemens Nixdorf Retail and Banking Systems GmbH adopted the Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH name and thereby established its independency. Products of the former Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG (SNI), that are outside of the areas of self-service (ATM, kiosks, statement printers, etc.) and Point-of-Sale (POS systems, POS printers), were distributed to different functional areas within Siemens.
Siemens Nixorf

PC- and Server Products

Are you searching for product information, drivers or other technical information relating to Siemens Nixdorf PCs from the former SNI? Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH has assumed responsibility for these machines and provides the necessary product support.

  • PRIMERGY xxx server systems
  • RM xxx server systems
  • PCD, PCE, etc. PC systems

Detailed information, Manuals, Drivers and BIOS Updates are available under

HighPrint Family

  • HighPrint 4904, 4905, 4915: Support through Wincor Nixdorf
  • HighPrint 4901: Support through phone: +49 89 3564 80000, spare parts and consumables through Wincor Nixdorf Logistics
  • all other HighPrint: Support through Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH

Other IT Products from the Siemens AG

The Siemens Customer Care Center (KbC) in Frankfurt can answer your general questions relating to Siemens AG products. The KbC is the communication headquarters for Siemens and provides these services:

  • Product support for Siemens AG products
  • GIGASET communications systems
  • Contact information for special subjects for Siemens Worldwide organization

You may also send your questions directly to the Siemens Customer Care Center at:

Tel: +49 (0)800 - 22 55 336 (free call from Germany)


Customer Care Center

You can reach the German Customer Care Center as follows:

+49(0) 5251 2020 850 (Banking, other industries, general)
+49(0) 5251 2020 855 (Retail)

+49(0) 5251 2020 860 (Reverse Vending Systems)