Financial Calendar

Key Dates in 2014/15 and 2015/16*
November 14, 2016Preliminary figures for FY 2015/16
July 28, 2016Interim Report for the third quarter FY 2015/16
April 28, 2016Interim Report for the second quarter FY 2015/16
February 04, 2016German Equity Forum, London (Bankhaus Lampe)
January 25, 2016Annual General Meeting
January 24, 2016Interim Report for the first quarter FY 2015/16
January 19, 2016German Corporate Conference, Frankfurt (KeplerCheuvreux)
December 04, 2015Annual Report 2014/2015 available online
December 03, 2015Berenberg European Conference, Bagshot
November 26, 2015HSBC Zurich Investors Conference
November 23, 2015German Equity Forum, Frankfurt (Deutsche Boerse)
November 09, 2015Preliminary figures for FY 2014/15
September 22, 2015Fourth German Corporate Conference, Munich (Berenberg / Goldman Sachs)
September 17, 2015UBS Best of Germany Conference, New York
September 15, 2015European Payments & FinTech Forum 2015, London (Barclays)
September 09, 2015Commerzbank Sector Conference 2015, Frankfurt
July 23, 2015Interim Report for the third quarter FY 2014/15
June 19, 2015German, Swiss & Austrian Conference, Berlin (Deutsche Bank)
May 20, 2015UBS Pan European small & midcap Conference, London
May 19, 2015Berenberg European Conference, Tarrytown (USA)
April 23, 2015Interim Report for the second quarter FY 2014/15
February 05, 2015Best of Germany - London Equity Forum (Bankhaus Lampe)
January 21, 2015German Corporate Conference, Frankfurt (Kepler Cheuvreux)
January 19, 2015Annual General Meeting
January 19, 2015Interim Report for the first quarter FY 2014/15
January 12, 2015German Investment Seminar, New York (Commerzbank)

*: All dates are of a preliminary nature and may be subject to change.

For information: The company's fiscal year ends on September 30.


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