Successful partnership for integrated pricing and promotion communications at the point of sale Wincor Nixdorf of Paderborn and Online Software GmbH in Weinheim have extended their partnership and can now point to successful visual merchandizing projects in the grocery and specialist retailing segments. The two companies are showing several exhibits at EuroCIS 2006 to demonstrate their range of powerful promotion solutions for pricing and promotion communications in the retail trade. As recently as December, Wincor Nixdorf and Online fitted the Edeka Scheck-In Center in Viernheim, near Heidelberg, out with visual merchandizing solutions in the fruit & vegetable section and behind the meat counter. The installation consists of three 42-inch monitors from the BEETLE /iSCREEN family administered centrally via Online’s PRESTIGEenterprise software solution. In January 2006, three more Scheck-Group stores were fitted with the same solution. The promotional content for all stores is held on a central server run jointly by Wincor Nixdorf and Online. For more than six months now, glassware retailer Leonardo has been conveying emotions on its products and ranges in its stores in Frankfurt and Paderborn. Here, the visual merchandising installations consist of 19 and 42-inch screens which are also fed and administered by Online’s Prestige software. The solution is being provided and maintained by glaskoch, the Leonardo Stores franchisor based in Driburg. As well as these two recent examples, the Online / Wincor Nixdorf collaboration has already earned its spurs in projects within the Metro Future Store, some Deutsche Telekom “T-Punkt” outlets and the Dohle Vision Store. Both Wincor Nixdorf and Online regard visual merchandising in the retail sector as a growth area and see the use of modern electronic promotional displays as an ideal complement to traditional price labeling using printed posters. Even today, these bundled solutions can include existing output media such as printers and can indeed also feed new promotional hardware such as weighing scales, displays, kiosk systems and bottle/can deposit machines. The all-round solution produced by the partnership has been shown to result in higher store revenues at the same time as reducing the process cost associated with conveying pricing and promotion information to the customer. Special emphasis is laid on emotionalizing the way customers are addressed through the use of images, video sequences and advertising spots. PRESTIGEenterprise is the central software solution along the entire chain of modern pricing and promotion communications. It can address a very wide variety of local output media across the entire company, supplying all connected stores with the required pricing and promotion information. With scalable flatscreen displays from its BEETLE /iSCREEN family, Wincor Nixdorf supplies displays which reproduce images and text as sharp as a pin and whose flexible uses make them superior to traditional printed posters. The displays are networked via wireless LAN to allow promotions to be managed from a central point.