Company culture

Nowadays, quality, competence and reliability are “must haves” which are largely taken for granted. On their own, they are not enough to differentiate a company from its competition, and as a result employees are an even more significant ingredient in corporate success. It is their commitment, their creativity and their innovative capability on which a company’s success depends. Because people make the difference.

People with Spirit: People make the difference

Our vision states, “We want to make Wincor Nixdorf the leading provider of IT services and solutions to the branch businesses of banks and retailers!” This is only possible with a team which works together and which sticks together. With people who pursue our company’s aims and objectives with motivation and commitment. People who identify with their company and are proud to work for it. People with spirit.

“People with Spirit” is more than a catchy description for employees. It’s the expression of our company culture – one of challenge and advancement.

We advance people by giving them more self-reliance, equipping them for tomorrow’s requirements and by offering opportunities for personal and professional development. We challenge them to be willing to change and to achieve ambitious objectives.

Our company culture of “People with Spirit” is based on open and honest communication as well as a framework within which each individual is able to contribute his or her knowledge and capabilities.

We’re about initiative, creativity and collaborative engagement with responsible employees. And we’re happy to give them the space they need to think entrepreneurially and act responsibly on their own initiative. Because we’re sure that, at Wincor Nixdorf, we’re “People with Spirit”. And because it’s this kind of people that make the real difference.