MonitoringCenter ensures greater transparency in self-service business processes

Produce analyses and evaluations without programming knowledge

Wincor Nixdorf is offering banks a new all-round service in the form of "MonitoringCenter" which integrates the ProView, ProCash/FOnet, ProCash/Analyzer and ProClassic/Enterprise self-service solutions with the Business Intelligence solution from Business Objects, thereby enabling banks to produce detailed analyses of their self-service equipment environment and associated business processes quickly and without any detailed programming knowledge. MonitoringCenter is used to supply information on downtimes, usage frequency, customer transaction behavior, etc., by given customer groups, the volume of withdrawals or given locations. This information provides banks with a reliable basis on which to modify their business processes or re-design them to be more efficient.

During Wincor World, Wincor Nixdorf will be demonstrating MonitoringCenter in sample scenarios complete with integration of ProView, a solution used to monitor and administer self-service terminals (SSTs). The functions offered by ProView comprise event reporting, remote operation, file transfer, software management and problem management, and enables remote administration, remote diagnosis and software distribution within self-service networks 24 hours a day. The high availability of SSTs so achieved thanks to a central overview of the current status of equipment 24 hours a day, preventive maintenance to ward off fault situations, and early detection of (and response to) operational problems plus the monitoring of equipment located, say, in supermarkets, all result in higher levels of acceptance and satisfaction on the part of self-service customers and network operators alike.

The integration of ProView with the Business Intelligence solution from Business Objects enables more extensive detailed ad-hoc analyses and reports without having to have the database knowledge which would otherwise be required. Customers are able to conduct the evaluations on their own in a very short period of time. In so doing, enquiries can be made interactively using simple "drag and drop" method both over a given period and, if required, for individual machines, types of equipment and geographic groupings. The user can choose to distribute the gleaned information in any one of a wide variety of formats for immediate onward processing within the company. Naturally, the report information can also be produced and distributed using time or event triggers, and the package comes complete with high-quality graphical data preparation functionality as standard. Banks can produce their own indicators and calculations and include information from any other data sources in their reports.

In addition to the requirements in terms of fast, user-friendly distribution of information, the audit-proof report administration function and reproducibility of data at any time also represent key aspects for consideration. The Saperion archive solution is available for archiving the information. Simple filing of data on a central server would not be adequate on its own, in particular in terms of reproducibility and traceability. Another aspect is the requirement to retain generated reports for statutory periods of time. The Saperion solution ensures that both produced reports and also log entries concerning access to company information are stored with user references and retained in such a way as they can be traced reliably. Functions such as keyword allocation (categorization) and free text searches make it considerably easier to locate documents, and the user has access to both an alternative view (PDF file) and also the original.

The overall package included in the Wincor Nixdorf MonitoringCenter represents a key step forward towards transparency and efficiency for all-round business processes. The individual solutions are open in terms of usability with customer applications and other standard products.