Directors' Dealings

On October 30, 2004 the German Law for the Improvement of Investor Protection (AnsVG) has come into force which includes a new, substantially expanded version of Section 15a of the German Securities Trading Law (WpHG). Accordingly, any purchase or sale of shares in Wincor Nixdorf AG made by any person with management duties at Wincor Nixdorf AG is to be disclosed by the company if the total value of the transaction(s) reaches €5,000 by the end of a calendar year. For this purpose the directors’ notification is necessary and required by law within a period of five working days. Furthermore, notification is to be sent within this period to the German Financial Services Authority (BaFin).

The statutory disclosure obligation applies also to persons who are in a close relationship with a person with management duties (spouses or registered partners, dependent children and other relatives if they have been living in the directors’ household for at least 12 months, as well as legal persons or entities that are controlled by one of the aforementioned persons).

Further information can be found on the website of the German Financial Services Authority (BaFin) at:

Disclosure of transactions by leading persons pursuant to Section 15a of the German Stock Corporation Law

DateNamePurchase / Sale

Amount of shares


March 12, 2015Jens BohlenPurchase


February 20, 2015Jens BohlenPurchase


August 21, 2014Olaf HeydenPurchase


March 11, 2013Jens BohlenPurchase




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