Diebold Nixdorf Partner Program “SPIRIT”

Success doesn't just happen. Success is made. We make it. Together with partners. Our joint know-how is added together - so that success is multiplied. Therefore we created the Diebold Nixdorf Partner Program SPIRIT.

Why a partnership at all? Because different companies have different strengths. And that is just how our customers benefit. Because we work in teams on the end-to-end solutions with which we satisfy our customers. It's as easy as that: The customer achieves the success he desires. And our team is satisfied. Success twice over. Clearly the route to success. For Diebold Nixdorf already posts a significant share of its sales in the retail business together with its partners.

The benefits of SPIRIT
As a Diebold Nixdorf partner we provide you with numerous benefits in different categories: Portfolio, Trainings, Resources, etc. Also you are part of a large network which has already become a fixture due to long-term connections in the international arena. Whether you are a reseller, distributor, OEM partner, software partner, systems house, consultant or consultancy - you know what Diebold Nixdorf offers its partners. State-of-the-art powerful hardware and solutions. Training and efficient support. A wide range of support and marketing services. What's more, you benefit from our end-to-end retailing know-how and knowledge about customer trends. And, of course, you automatically profit from our infrastructure and our customer intimacy. And from our name. From the image of Europe's Number One in the retail market (from store to enterprise solutions). In addition, you obtain support for your international projects. And you have a presence on our Web site. For we introduce our partners there, in our partner database. That means ideal sales promotion for you.

Successful teams for successful experiences
Cooperation with Diebold Nixdorf means: Successful teams for successful experiences. Do you want to contribute your know-how to a partnership? To multiply your success? Then get in touch with us and become a partner with SPIRIT.

Become a Diebold Nixdorf partner and benefit from the SPIRIT partner program!