PM@WN: Uniform standard for project management

Project management is gaining in importance. It is by far the most efficient way of accomplishing complex tasks purposefully, reliably and securely. Innovative technologies necessitate shorter and shorter product lifecycles, and markets are growing just as quickly as competitive pressure. A project’s success depends crucially on the system used to implement it.

PM@WN - Projektmanagement

How PM@WN works

PM@WN is based on the uniform standard of the Project Management Institute PMI®, which is used all over the world. Project teams leverage the same methods, tools and control systems with a very short space of time. Additional teams and employees can be assigned quickly and flexibly in every phase of a project.

The refined system ensures smooth exchange of information and precise communication management so that everyone involved is kept up-to-date. Coupled with Wincor Nixdorf’s many years of experience in retail and banking, PM@WN offers the ideal foundation for projects of any size worldwide.

Ready for use worldwide

PM@WN ensures that projects are implemented efficiently and according to plan. To enable that, qualified experts are there to assist you directly on site throughout the world. The local Project Management Offices are your points of contact in all matters relating to a project.

The central Project Management Center of Excellence supports the local Project Management Offices by optimizing the methods, tools and processes. That ensures that everyone involved always has the same knowledge throughout the world.


Brochure PM@WN