Solutions for Retailers – Store Lifecycle Management

Solutions for Retailers – Store Lifecycle Management

You as the retailer are faced with many challenges and must master these whether this is establishing operational excellence for store IT operations, speeding up the process to implement innovations, expanding into new markets or even increasing the maturity within existing markets. On the other hand you need to ensure that your core business processes work seamlessly in order to ensure that your objective, which is to sell products via all sales channels, is met. In order to do so, stable and running business processes is an absolute prerequisite. Your IT environment contributes a great deal in ensuring that your business objectives are fulfilled: If the IT does not work, nothing works.


Store Lifecycle Management is the Wincor Nixdorf Retail IT service portfolio to provide store and business management flexibility to retailers by taking over the management of the retail store IT including the setup, operation, relocation and closure of stores.


PAC white paper – Global Retail in 2015
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